The skiing area of Zauchensee is made for skiers like you

slope security
In Zauchensee

Slope security at the ski region Zauchensee/Flachauwinkl

Behind the scenes: foresighted planning for unhindered skiing fun

You’ll certainly have noticed them during skiing: barrier tapes, information signs, avalanche warning signs or a helicopter high above in the winter sky. Several perfectly trained employees are working behind the scenes of the daily ski operation in Zauchensee and the entire ski world Ski amadé to ensure maximum security on and beyond the slopes.

Mountain rescuers on standby: relief units for your safety

Gliding down the slopes, experiencing the mountain panorama and après-ski fun on the hut, enjoying the winter holiday with friends and family – that’s what a ski holiday in the province of Salzburg is usually like. Information signs and barriers prevent accidents, yet something could always happen during skiing or snowboarding. We’re not talking about spectacular accidents; most incidents go rather smooth in comparison. In worse cases, winter athletes are quickly transported to optimal medical care by either rescue sled or helicopter; but it shouldn’t come to this in the first place.

Precaution before hospital – how to prevent ski accidents

  • Ski carefully and anticipatorily.
  • Adapt your speed to your skill level.
  • Pay attention to weather conditions and ski only what you can see!
  • Listen to your body – taking a break is important to keep up your concentration.
  • If you want to race down a slope without having to pay attention to other skiers, we recommend the training centre Kogelalm.
  • Pay attention to the 10 FIS security rules.
  • Download the free app “Ski amadé Guide” to your smartphone and call quick help with the built-in emergency call function.
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Fun over speeding: skiing in Zauchensee/Flachauwinkl

The multifaceted ski region Zauchensee near the city of Salzburg is also very popular with families. Set a good example for children and make sure that they feel comfortable on all slopes. Thank you very much for your consideration!