Your kids are beginners? They are very welcome in Zauchensee!

Skiing with

Zauchensee: skiing with children in the province of Salzburg

Children are very welcome guests at the ski region Zauchensee/Flachauwinkl

Skiing with children in the province of Salzburg is an experience for the entire family. The ski region Zauchensee/Flachauwinkl features more than 24 km of slopes for beginners (labelled blue) making the introduction to the alpine sport of skiing easy for snow-enthusiastic offspring.

Skiing with children is tons of fun in Zauchensee/Flachauwinkl. Slopes and ski lifts suitable for kids, and family-friendly ski huts are waiting for you.

Ski schools, practice sites and slopes suitable for children in Zauchensee

To learn basic skiing techniques quickly, we recommend paying a visit to a ski school. It’s best to learn how to ski in a group of like-minded people – and a lot of fun, too. Perfectly trained, experienced, professional ski instructors coach your kids and quickly mould beginners into masters. Skiing techniques and safe slope conduct are taught in a playful manner.

International sport aces, like Ski World Champion Michael Walchhofer, live in the ski region Zauchensee/Flachauwinkl. He once learned his craft on the practice slopes where left his first marks in the snow. Who knows, maybe your offspring will once become a world-class alpine athlete?

Tip: Childcare programmes for ski youngsters are offered for kids as young as one years old!

Skiing with your kids in "Zauchis Kinderland"

Betreuungsprogramme für kleine Skiflöhe werden bereits ab einem Alter von einem Jahr angeboten!

Hits for kids: Zauchi’s Kinderland, EASY-PARK and practice lifts

•    Zauchi’s Kinderland
The public Kinderland is a separate offer beside the ski lessons. The secured area with adventure courses, roofed magic carpets, bubble lane and platter lift is ideal for a playful introduction to skiing. Trained personnel are on site.
•    Easypark Zauchensee
Kids and teens test their bravery and dexterity at the ski leisure park at the practice lift: jumps, slide boards, rainbows and lots of other obstacles introduce young ski acrobats to fun-park action.
•   Practice lifts in Zauchensee
Riding on a ski lift can be pretty difficult for young ski beginners. The practice lifts grant the opportunity to learn how to deal with conveyor belts, platter lifts and T-bar lifts without pressure and at a pace that’s suitable for children.


International Kidstrophy: fixture of the event calendar


Promoting young talent is of great importance at the ski paradise Zauchensee, which is why the Kidstrophy has established itself as a ski race for children on an international level. Kids from more than ten nations have participated to date in this event, held in co-operation with Skiclub Salzburg every spring. A great incentive for the youngsters: Those who eagerly practice on the slopes of the ski region in the province of Salzburg might soon be able to take part in a ski race.

Why hesitate any longer? Let’s go skiing and bring along the children to the province of Salzburg!