In the skiing area Zauchensee variety is guaranteed

nightly slope block

For your safety & the best slopes: nightly slope block

Ski slopes Zauchensee/Flachauwinkl out of service daily from 6 pm to 8.30 am!

We gladly explain to you why adhering to the slope block starting at 6 pm is so very vital. After this point in time, our employees embark on whipping the slopes into shape for the next ski day, to check or renew barriers, check security fences and carry out repairs. They drive slope machines, snow groomers and skidoos, and use cables, tubes or rope winches for their work. Even avalanche detonations take place in order to guarantee your safety.

Skiing after 6 pm can be dangerous, which is why we urge ski mountaineers not to start ascending the slopes before 8.30 am!

Official decree for the nightly slope block

The nightly slope block isn’t enforced for the mere fun of it; it is an official regulation. Please consider the potential consequences inobservance can have – right up to grave financial damages due to accidents that won’t be covered by your insurance.

Official decree of the slope closure in German (Pdf)

We’re certain that you’ll understand the nightly slope block and are already looking forward to perfectly maintained slopes on your next ski day! Thank you!