Zauchensee/Flachauwinkl und Radstadt/Altenmarkt: Ankommen und erleben!

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Skiing in Zauchensee/Flachauwinkl: the ten FIS safety rules

Safe and considerate skiing in the province of Salzburg

Similar to road traffic, there are certain rules to apply to slopes, such as right of way, choice of track and conduct towards other skiers, even obligatory identity display. Study these ten FIS security rules carefully and practice compliance with your children. We hope you have accident-free, exciting hours on the slopes in Zauchensee and Flachauwinkl!

1. Respect other skiers: behave in a manner that does not endanger or harm other skiers.

2. Control of speed and ski operation: absolutely ski what you can see and adapt your speed and ski operation to your skill level and the terrain, snow and weather conditions. Pay attention to ski traffic!

3. Choice of track: choose your path in a manner that doesn’t endanger slower skiers in front of you.

4. Overtaking: you may overtake left or right, but leave a distance that gives the overtaken skier enough room to manoeuvre. Pay particular attention to children as they might react unexpectedly.

5. Entering and approaching: very similar to road traffic, look up and down the hill to ensure that you can approach without endangering yourself or others.

Enjoy the wonderful view with your family

6. Stopping: avoid stopping and blind spots. If you crash, try to move out of the way as quickly as possible.

7. Ascent and descent: skiers or pedestrians must use the edge of the slope for ascents and descents.

8. Follow the signs: signals, guide signs and barriers must be considered and followed.

9. Perform aid: similar to road traffic, you are obliged to perform aid on slopes in cases of emergency. Failure to perform aid is punishable.

10. Obligatory identity display: every skier, whether witness or involved party, whether responsible or not, must give his personal data in case of emergency.


We thank you in advance for adhering to the FIS security rules. See you soon during skiing in the province of Salzburg!