Get your video riding down the piste at the Skiline Photopoint

parallel slalom

3, 2, 1 - GO!

Make a race with your friends - who is the champion?

NEW at Gamskogel in Zauchensee: Take on the battle with your friends in parallel slalom – who is the faster one? Feel lika a professional at this race, feel the adrenaline at the starting point! One last time you look into the eyes of your opponent. You know exacty that you want to win – but can you manage it?

Excitement, action and fun is offered for sure. Just scan your skiticket at the start, wait for the starting signal and GO GO GO! Make your match and find out who is the winner at the finish line. Become a hero or ask for another revenge and try it one more time.

Afterwards you can upload your photos/your video with the skiline-portal, take a closer look on your race and even share it with your friends in the social networks.