There are many ski runs in Zauchensee

funslope gamskogel

skimovie funslope gamskogel-
cue the film!

Smart skiing with big entertainment  

For the little racer in you the Skimovie funslope is the perfect stage to show your skills and even have a proofing video. While you are preparing yourself mentally for the deciding race, in the start cabin all the cameras get focused and wait in suspence for your performance. The slope in front of you and the obstacles in your eyes - let's go! From the start until the finish line all camera lenses and all eyes are pointed on you, while you make your personal racevideo. And not only this, also your time will be stopped, so go, go! Measure up with like-minded people and get some tips and tricks because together it's even more fun!


The video is available in your private access of Skiline and is ready for your usage: It's up to you if you want to see it in infinite loops at home or if you want to share it in the social-media-networks and gain heaps of likes. Both is a pleasure for sure!

The Skimovie funslope Gamskogel is waiting for you: Make it like your forerunners - just better!